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Cybelian Marriage

Cybelian Marriage is today's answer to centuries of male-dominated unions. In a Cybelian Marriage, it is the woman who is the primary partner; the man's place is secondary from the outset. Hence it is suitable only for unions in which the female is assertive and the male unassertive. This involves an initial agreement between the two people; requiring each to be fully cognizant of the other one's wishes, and vowing in the Cybelian Wedding vows to remain true to the promises made. Love can play as big a part in Cybelian marriages as in traditional ones, but it is within the context of a female-led relationship. Also, love is not a requirement - as many Cybelian women feel only contempt for the man they marry.


The actual tenor of a Cybelian Marriage can take several forms. The underlying principle is that the woman is in complete control of every aspect of the marriage. It is the wife's perogative to choose the aspects of Cybelianism she wishes to include in the marriage, thus maintaining her position as primary partner & head of the household.

Details of the options can be found in the Cybelian Marriage Manual, available as an eBook. The advantage of a Cybelian marriage is that it leaves no room for argument, and therefore has a much better chance of lasting.

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